Poseico design, manufacturing, testing and sells  a high number of components and power converter for different application field. At Customer convenience, we can design and supply from simple power assembly (stacks, bridges, legs) up to the. All designs are according with the most important international standards. Customer can enjoy the very open Poseico style because we can work together side by side, in team or, more usual, fulfilling Customer’s technical specification, providing standard or tailor-made solutions.
The Customer can experience a high level technical staff inside Poseico that manage its problems, using the latest upto-date technical tools (3D CAD, simulators, DSP, microcontroller), finding the most competitive and high quality solution. Our goal is the complete Customer satisfaction.

traction energy
Power assemblies and converters for electric traction system
Converters for renewable energy
industry Advanced-Research
Industrial Drives and power supply
 Advanced Research
Engineering and realization of  Power Assemblies and Power Supplies for advanced research experiment
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Headquarter - Genova
Via Pillea , 42 - 44
16153 - Genova


Poseico Quality and Safety Policy