POSEICO components and power converters are present indifferent sectors of industrial system, every time is required an intelligent and reliable management of power electronics


  • Frequency power converters for harbour applications (more….).
  • DC power supplies and components (rectifier diodes and phase control thyristors)   for  Aluminium electrolytic reduction process.
  • Power Supplies and components for Silicon Ingot Crystal Growing.
  • High power semiconductors, Input bridges, cooled by air or water, for Industrial Drives and Controlled Power supplies.
  • Crow bar for Industrial power converter.
  • Components for Drives in Oil & Gas Pumping Systems.
  • AC/AC converter for UPS applications.
  • Power Converter for Testing room application.
  • High Power Semiconductor ( welding diodes ) and power assemblies for Welding application.


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Headquarter - Genova
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