Power Assemblies

Main characteristicsPower-Assemblies
Using proprietary devices as well as semiconductors and water heatsinks
High power density, high efficiency and reliability
Custom design available
Natural / forced air cooling or water cooling system
Semiconductors: Thyristors, Diodes, GTOs and IGBT’s (insulated modules and press-pack type)
Field technical support available
Connection technology both copper and aluminium

Description POSEICO
Device type  Circuit type Main characteristics  Outline
Stack with single diode 2H6.../2H9... Diode Diode Natural air A
Diode stack mounted in plastic container
for outdoor applications
ADP....... Diode Diode Natural air B
Crow bar for traction application RCB ...... Diode + Thyristor Crow bar Natural air , pulsed works C
High voltage stack with diodes in serie ASA ...... Diode Diodes in serie Natural air D
Thyristor stack ASA...... Thyristor Controlled 3 phase rectifier Water cooling heatsink E
Three phase bridges APR...... Diode Rectifier three phase bridges Natural air F
Stack with fast thyristor and forced air cooling system ASI..... Thyristor Two thyristors in serie Air forced cooling G
Three phase controlled bridges APR...... Thyristor Controlled 3 phase bridges Water cooling heatsink H
Inverter leg Module AINV.. Press pack IgbT + Fast
and soft recovery diodes
Inverter leg Water cooling heatsink I
Inverter leg Module AINV.. IGBT and FW Diode
Inverter leg Water cooling heatsink L



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