Converter division of Poseico places own long time experience in power electronics at our Customers disposal. Since 1970, Poseico has leading technology in high power semiconductors (diodes, SCRs, GTOs and IGBTs) and high efficiency thermal management. As converter division, we practically cover all application fields where our components are commonly employed, as well as traction, industrial (current rectifying, power conversion, AC power control and regulation), and renewable energy applications, for high voltage and/or high current ranges. Some examples, but not limited to, are:
- High current/power AC/DC diode or SCR rectifiers in bridge or double star connection,
- Single or three phase inverters,
- AC static switches,
- High power supply in DC or AC.on,.

rectifier-bridge-for-traction-application voltage-limiting-device disconnectors-and-positive-cubicles
 Rectifier Bridge for Traction Application  Voltage Limiting Device  Disconnectors
frequency-converters controlled-rectifier other-converters
 Frequency Converters  Controlled Rectifier Other Converters



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