POSEICO supplies from more than 40 years products for electric traction.  Hundred thousand of High Power Semiconductors, designed and produced from POSEICO are used in Electric Vehicles like High Power Loco, Metros and Tramways.
Every day, passengers of European Railway Companies, and citizens of the most important European town uses Trains, Metro and Tramway that move with the DC electric energy supplied by POSEICO Rectifier Bridges.


  • High Power Semiconductors ( Fast Recovery Diodes, Fast Switching Thyristors, GTO and Press Pack IGBT, High Power Insulated Modules) for Traction Converter on board of vehicles.
  • Power Assemblies, Crow Bar , Gate Drivers, Cooling System for  Traction Converter on board of vehicles.
  • Battery charge and auxiliary converter for traction system
  • Rectifier Bridges for Traction Application ( for Supply DC voltage of 600 V, 750V, 1500V, 3000V)  from 0.5 to 10 MW nominal power.
  • Components for DC Traction Substation ( Rectifier Bridges, Voltage Limiting Devices, Disconnectors and Positive Cubicles) .
  • Complete DC Substation.
  • Engineering Consulting for Traction Systems.
  • Traction Refurbishment and Maintenance Services.
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Headquarter - Genova
Via Pillea , 42 - 44
16153 - Genova


Poseico Quality and Safety Policy